Economic Empowerment Sector

Economic Empowerment Sector

Economic Empowerment Sector: Business Development and Entrepreneurs Support Center

The Business Development and Entrepreneurs Support Center works toward developing an economic plan that covers the economic cycle of the Jerusalemite citizen, starting from school through to the provision of suitable employment opportunities for Jerusalemites as follows:

The Unit for Professional and Academic Guidance: This Unit aims to provide vocational and academic guidance services to school students to help them choose the professional career, whether academic or vocational, as well as specialization e.g. literary, scientific, industrial, hotel, etc. which will help the students to make their future career choices.

The Academy for Labor Market Qualification: This Academy will specialize in preparing and qualifying university students who are about to graduate and graduates for the labor market in the city of Jerusalem through the preparation of programs following their graduation from Al-Quds University and others. It will also provide programs to build the capacity of students in areas which are related to their university study courses, and are consistent with the needs of the labor market.

Al-Quds Technology and Business Development Incubator: The business incubator will be in charge of developing areas of economic empowerment in the city of Jerusalem; developing work areas; supporting leading projects; providing funding opportunities; and providing technical and legal support for commercial shops in Jerusalem in cooperation with the Chamber of Commerce.