Community Development Sector

Community Development Sector

Community Development Sector - a network of community centers and Jerusalem Academy for Youth Creativity

Community Centers Network:  This is a joint program between Alquds Fund and Endowment and the Association of Jerusalem Clubs to stimulate Jerusalem clubs and develop their work and programs and direct them to serve all segments of the community through integrated and outstanding activities that contribute to the development and advancement of the community.

Vision:  Empowering the clubs to serve as community-based incubators with diversified development programs to serve the Jerusalemite community.

Mission: Towards greater effective and diverse contribution in the service of the community.

Jerusalem Academy for Youth Creativity: A specialized project that was launched in partnership with Al-Quds University dedicated to the capacity building for people living in the city of Jerusalem and the preparation of leaders and sponsoring the talents in the fields of arts, sports, science, technology and literature within a specialized academic program, through outsourcing the potentials of experts and university professors.