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Funded by the Munib& Angela Masri foundation and the implementation of the regional network and Alquds fund and Endowment.

Funded by the Munib& Angela Masri foundation and the implementation of the regional network and Alquds fund and Endowment.

The launch of the international training program within the Munib Masri chair to empower Palestinian charities with the tools of social responsibility.

Alquds  Fund  and Endowment announced the launch of the international training program for the International License for Social Responsibility within the project “Munib Masri Chair to Empower Palestinian Charities with Social Responsibility Tools” funded by the “Munib &Angela Masri Foundation” and organized by the “Regional Network for Social Responsibility.”

The program, which is presented in the Arabic language, aims to qualify working staff capable of understanding social responsibility and its professional practices in their institutions.

After completing the program, the participants will receive an international certificate from the International Academy for Social Responsibility of the Regional Network for Social Responsibility, in addition to the International License Card for Social Responsibility.

The main topics of the training program include social responsibility; the concept,  the historical development, practices of social responsibility and its outputs to achieve sustainable development, its specifications, and standards, the principles of the United Nations Program for the global agreement, and the mechanisms for their application, as well as international applications and practices, policy guidelines and procedures for applying the principles of social responsibility in institutions and innovation in designing initiatives with the greatest social return Marketing tools for community initiatives to align them with the priorities of the donor and society, social responsibility reports and their role in achieving quality work in institutions and community giving.

It is noteworthy that the inauguration of the Munib R.Masri Chair for Empowering Palestinian Charitable Societies with the Tools of Social Responsibility was recently celebrated, funded by the Munib Foundation &Angela Masri Foundation and supervised by the regional network for social responsibility in partnership with Alquds Fund and  Endowment with the aim of creating a professional platform to build the capacities of Palestinian charities in the field of social responsibility.

The Executive Director of Alquds Fund and  Endowment, Taher Al-Dissi, stated that the training program continues throughout the current year and includes 8 specialized training programs under the supervision of specialized experts from different parts of the Arab and Islamic world. It includes courses in the International License for Social Responsibility, and an international specialist in the field of crowdfunding platforms and skills for developing financial resources for charitable societies, a specialist in qualifying institutions in the field of preparing sustainability reports, an international consultant in sustainability applications, measuring the social impact of projects, strategic planning skills for charities, and building the capacities of leaders of non-profit organizations.

Al-Dissi added that 26 participants participated in the project as representatives of 26 Palestinian institutions and associations, noting that this project comes within the foundation’s vision to build the capacities of charitable institutions and societies and enhance their skills in the field of charitable and development work, as well as building qualified young leaders in this field.

Al-Dissi thanked  Mr. Munib R.Masri for his constant and continuous support for the development and charitable projects in Palestine and in general and in Jerusalem in particular.