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Dr, Imad Abu Kishek, Chairman of Jerusalem Association for Empowerment and Development

The board of Jerusalem Association for Empowerment and Development (one of the organizations of Alquds Fund and Endowment Group) held its first meeting virtually starting with a speech from Mr. Munib Masri, former chairman, whom in his turn thanked the newly elected board members for their enthusiasm considering their membership a huge asset for the association.

The meeting witnessed the distribution of administrative responsibilities as such: Dr. Imad Abu Kishek as chairman, Ms. Hind Khoury as deputy chairman, Mr. Hazem Kawasmi as secretary, Mr. Raed  Saadeh as treasurer, Mr. Tayseer Barakat as head of community development committee, Mr. Rami Abu Shakra as head of scholarships committee, Ms. Ruba Masrouji as head of economic empowerment committee, Mr. Kamal Abeidat as head of humanitarian and relief program committee, Mr. Abdo Idrees as head of resources development committee, and with Mr. Kamal Tayyem, Ashraf Abu Issa, Majdi Zghayer and Walid Al Ahmad as board members.